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Open Source 2019

The last one!
I have been photographing the festival for 14 years now, and can still remember the first one in 2006. Since then I have photographed many musicians and artists, sneaked in backstage often and photographed far more than the first 3 songs. I made friends at the festival, fell in love, and lost everything again. Learn and sometimes forget…. but photographed.
For 14 years the OPFestival was one of the most beautiful days of the year, and the most beautiful job I was allowed to do.
Thank you, Bobsen, for all these years.
Thanks also to Christian and the whole team, to the artists and the audience.
If someone doesn’t want to be shown here, I’ll delete the picture.
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With works by Galal El-sherif (Leica minilux), Martha Maiburg (Olympus mju2), Anotherwayrico (Leica minilux), Amira El-Kordy (Olympus mju2), Vincenz Gertoberens (Canon 5D markIII) and myself (Leica minilux, Canon AE1 program).
All on Kodak TMax 400, developed and scanned at Fotocentrallabor.
Thanks to all of you for your work.